Sam Greenberg, Psy.D.

I became a psychologist because I enjoyed philosophy and helping people, particularly children. It is a happy intersection of both of my interests.

Anxiety has always been a professional area of interest for me – most of us feel anxious at one time or another after all. I have been fortunate to work with Dr. Shank and Dr. Labellarte who really are experts in this area of mental health as well as pursue additional training. There are so many facets of treating Anxeity related issues like OCD, BFRBs, selective mutism, school refusal, and body dysmorphia successfully. What works for one client, does not always work for another and personality, support systems, and other dynamics can affect how quickly one can ‘re-wire’ that thinking. Some conditions look like OCD but are often underlying issues of something else – which is why OCD treatment doesn’t always work – it’s not treating the right thing. About half of the people I work with have Anxiety, OCD or related challenges. I don’t limit my practice to only Anxiety and OCD because I find that the diversity of treating a variety of different clients helps keep me open to a variety of approaches.

During my post-doctorate work, I focused on families and the how those relationships affect mental well-being. Family dynamics are important for OCD and BFRBs recovery as well. It’s not always the first thing people work on, but it is always part of the solution. Knowing what works for you and how to set boundaries, manage the environment, be mindful, and use skills to overcome mental health challenges is important for children, adolescents, and adults. Having a supportive network is important for self-help and for healthy relationships.

Being a psychologist is a rewarding career. Many of my most rewarding experiences are those that involve working through OCD – using ERP and other CBT tools – to see people get their lives back on track, build rewarding relationships, and enjoy the everyday moments.

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